Sports Council

Vision: To create a better Society

Mission: To become the best sporting school in the island while winning the highest No. of Team and Individual championships in all sports activities at All Island Level in all age groups by 2015.



Dharmaraja College Sports Section has a long history as well as the College History of 123 years.

The longest history which we have in sports are in Athletics and Cricket. We have more than 100 years of history in  cricket and  have been able to play our 100th Annual Cricket Encounter Vs. Kingswood College in the year 2007 in a grand scale.

At the beginning we used the Bogambara and Police grounds for our sports activities and after purchasing the Lake View Estate our students use the college grounds for all sports activities. Today our students are able to have all their sports activities in our own grounds which has been renovated up to the standards of an International Level Cricket Ground with Turf Wickets, by the Dharmaraja College Old Boys Union with the Lake View Development Project.

The College authorities have been able to complete the Swimming Poole Complex project with the tremendous financial Support by His Excellency the President Hon. Mahinda Rajapakshe  by the Tharunnyata Hetak Project and the Funds generated by the Old Boys Union Colombo Branch for this project and declared open by his Excellency the President Hon Mahinda Rajapakshe in January 2010.Our students privileged to swim in the best Swimming Pool in the Island.

At present The College has an Indoor Badminton Court, Table Tennis Gym., Gymnastic Hall, Weight Lifting Gym and a Fitness Centre.


The Sports Section Functions and Manage under three major Management Units.

  1. College Management Committee
  2. The Sports Committee (Teachers In charge and Coaches)
  3. Sports Council (Teachers and Students)


The Sports Committee


Principal - 
Prefect of Games -

Game  Teacher In-charge Coach
Air Cadet Platoon    
Beat Group    
  Under 13 A    
  Under 13 B    
  Under 15 A    
  Under 15 B    
  Under 17    
  Under 19    
Eastern Band     
  Under 14 A,14 B,16    
  Under 18 & 20    
Table Tennis     
Western Band     


Sports Council

Vice President    
News Reporters 1  
Committee Members    
All Captains of the Senior Teams including the Cadet Platoon and Bands