Kala Ulela

A curriculumwith an aesthetic value ethically motivates the education of students, with no relevance to what their fields of study is. Be it Science, Commerce or Arts.

Subjects such as Art, Music, Dancing, Drama & Theatre that are taught in a school is the foundation when moldingsyoung individuals to became humans who appreciate and value the well being of each other.

At Dharmaraja there is an immeasurable amount of concern inculcate aesthetic values in students from the very young age, because we strongly believe that there is no other way which is more close and sensitive to the human heart other than the aesthetic approach.

Dharmaraja does not limit her concern only her student population, but takes a great effort to extend her wings passing this message to the entire human society.

The preliminary discussion on the Annual Art Festival was held with the participation of the then Principal Mr.T.B.Damunupola and also with the participation of Mr. D.B.Herath, AshokaHerath and Mr. B. M. Basnayake as a result of this discussion, the first ever Annual Art Festival was organized and held in September 1995 at the Kandyan Art Association under the guidance of the then Principal Mr. W.M. Bandaranayake and the head of the Art section Mr. D. B. Herath.

Among others whose names  will be cherished and remembered or other co-operation are:


  •  Mr. B.M. Basnayake.
  • Mrs. Sudharma. Gunathilake.
  • Mrs. AshokaNawarathne.
  • Mrs. D. A. G. Prashanthi.

Old Boys:

  • Mr. ChandrarathneBandara.
  • Mr. SirisenaArabegedara.
  • Mr. Ather Silva.
  • Mr. SenarathJayasundara.
  • Mr. Sarath Fernando.
  • Mr. N.W.Weerakoon.
  • Mr. BandulaGunarathne.
  • Mr. K.M.R.Kulathunga
  • Mr. AnandaJayasundara.
  • Mr. PremalalWijesinghe.
  •  Mr. RanjithGinige.
  • Mr. SarathMunaweera.
  • Mr. Arun Kumara.
  • Mr. Kapila M. Gamage.


  • Mr. BandaraAthauda.
  • Mr. KingslyGunathilake.
  • Mr. LalAbeysinghe.
  • Mr. W.P.I.I.Suwarnasinghe.

Another main aim of the Annual Art Festival was the selection of students for the Sinhala language competitions organized by  the Ministry of Education at National level.

The school with less facilities are benefited by the support given by Dharmaraja in encouraging talented students  to show case their abilities forte.

The organizing structure of the College is designed in such a way it provide a wide range of participation of students and staff from grade 1  to 13.

The Art Foundation plays the main role on the executive committee.

  • Patron: Principal,
  • Deputy Principals , Staff , Old Boys , Students , School Development Society , the Sinhala Literary Association of the College , Parents and well wishers.
  • Presidents of the Art Foundation since itsinception.
      Mr. D.B. Herath. 1995 – 2006
      Mr. B . M. Basnayake.(Deputy Principal) 2006 – 2007
      Mr. P. Kalubowila. 2008 to date.

Every year All Island Inter School Competitions are held in connection with the Arts Festival. Students who win competitions such as Creative Writing Short Story, Poetry Verse andPros , Folk Singing , Debuting , Photography  Art are encouraged by awarding them with trophies and certificates.

Classical Sinhala Drama played    by veterans such as Singhabahu ,HunuwatayaKathwa , Maname etc.  and organized    to stage providing  opportunity     even  to the general public tom enjoy the euphoria stage dramas.

Veteran Artists, Musicians ,Personal Writers , Critics , who have done a tremendous service  to Art and culture are awarded. 
The Art  Festival is one  of the most acclaimed annual  event which brings National and in formalin frame to the College. Which also adds colour to the history of 126 years of the College.

The  Archives Unite of the College now has introduced  new programme  where  they have facilities for collecting data of those who are directly or indirectly involved in the Annual Art Festival. This also is an open invitation to those who are out there the Old      Boys, parents and the well wishes to join hands with us in this magnanimous gesture.

You can also contact for more information;

The Principal  081 2234495
E_mail: principal@dharmaraja.lk
Present Prasident:  071   8620170