Deputy Principal - Mr. D.M.N.G.J. Karunarathne

Let me start By saying " Congradulations.............! "

It gives me a great pride to send this message of good wishes to the web site of Dharmaraja College kandy, as the deputy Principal of the school.

I strongly believe that Education and Technology goes hand in hand in the process of teaching and learning, and it helps the world to go beyond possibiities specially with the advancement of the ICT. It is the Information and communication Technology that has brought the world together by making the globe a tiny village and it has given a great opportunity for our younger generation to improve and share knowladge to experiment the impossibilities of the world through this stream of study.

The history of Dharmaraja College goes back more than a century, And the prestigious history Of Dharmaraja College is filled with innumerable memories of grand occasions, yet this is of another successful outcomes to mark a golden mile post which will take the name of our school across the oceans and beyond the skies.

Organizing an event of this nature needs a lot of dedication and devotion and I would like to thank them all for making this a success. This shows the spirit of team work, which is an essential need of the era.

I proudly invite the world around us to have a look at the official web site of our school and then to decide " The true Nature of Rajans "

Thank you.

Mr Jagath Karunarathne
Deputy Principal