Head - Science Section

It is with pleasure and pride that I write this message to the official web site of Dharmaraja College Kandy. As the sectional head of the science section I am proud to mention that this section has earned its pride and prestige throught out the years through dedication and devotion of the hard work of the self motivated staff members and the students. It is highly evident when analize the number of professionals that this section has produced from the past todate.

This section caters to the age group of 16+ and the end result of them is to obtain a national certificate, which is known as the GCE ( A/L ). Since these students are going through a highly energetic age, it is highly important to offer them a variety of tasks to engage in ,such as sports, science society, an annual educational excursion, project work. These  are some of the ways in which they exert themselves, away from the accademic work. These activities help them built up their personality and leadership qualities which leads them to be good citizens of the country.

The Advancement of technology has always played a vital role in the development of a society, and as the eminent producers of the best resource persons to the society we have to walk hand in hand with the world of ICT, yet by passing another of it successful mile posts, the launching of a web site.

Good Luck!

Sectional Head – Science Section