Collegiate Section - Arts

Head of the Section:  Mr. P. Kalubowila
Deputy Sectional Head:  Mrs. S.K. Nawarathne

The  Arts Section of the College has rapidly developed after the 1990  s’. Today the participation of students of this section in many College functions is admirable. Their performances add colour and glimmer to student functions.

During the past decade the increasing number applying to study in the Arts Section and the number selecting to study in local Universities has shown the development of the Section which is praiseworthy.

The dedication and the devotion shown by the past head of the Section Mr.D.B. Herath and his staff members worth an appreciation.

I am extremely greatful to the members of staff in my Section for their contribution in the process of maintaining the high standard and the quality of education and the tremendous effort taken by them not only to impart knowledge in their respective subjects but also to mould the students up to be responsible citizens in the country.
With the guidance of the Principal we are able to provide the students with a wide range of syllabus including the languages stream.
It is my greatest pleasure to perceive that (the traditional low estimation) the mentality
Of our students have changed and the tradition under continuation in learning subjects is no more the same.

The names of the past pupils who have out shined and are in high positions worth mentioning

  • Chathura Randeniya
  • Thakshila Ferndndo
  • Janaka Thilakarathne
  • Nandaka Maduranga Kalugampitiy
  • Eranga Bandara Mallawa

Performance . . .


The Present Staff - Arts Section

  Name Subject Taught
01 Mr. P. Kalubowila - Head of the Section Economics
02 Mrs. S.K. Nawarathne - Deputy Sectional Head English
03 Mr. Y.M.W.A.K. Wijerathne Political Science
04 Mr. G.S. Chandra Kumara Geography
05 Mrs. M.G. Podimenike History
06 Mr. P.H.A. Chandrarathne English
07 Mr. M.W. Karunathilake Logic
08 Mr. M.P.P.N. Weerarathne Sinhala
09 Mrs. A. Mahalekam Economics
10 Mrs. A.S. Dawatawatta Sinhala
11 Mrs. P.Y.P. Abhaysinghe Political Science
12 Mrs. E.M.M. Ekanayake English Literature
13 Mrs. W.M.R.P.W. Delgoda Sinhala
14 Miss S.S.P. Samaranayake Drama & Theater
15 Miss M.I.K. Karunarathne French